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Archived Pages

How to see the first page of a website or the oldest page of website.

Archived Pages

If You want to see what a webpage looked like several years ago, then there is a very cool tool called the WAYBACKMACHINE that is available for free at Since the year 1996, has been spidering the Internet with the intention of creating a permanent digital library of the Internet for researchers, historians and the general public.This is a fantastic tool that allows you to search for and view an old archived version of popular webpages on the Internet from several months or even years back !

In the screenshots below, we are going to see how easy it is for you to use the WAYBACKMACHINE tool to vies a cached copy of the 
due to in the year of publishing facebook the name was
Step 1: Start your browser and connect to, type the website URL whose cached or archived copy you wish to view in the space provided and click on the BROWSE HISTORY button. 
For example,
Step 2: Select the year, then month and date from which you wish to view the archived copy. In this example, we are going to pretend that we want to see the Feb 12, 2004 copy of the
Within a few second, the WAYBACKMACHINE tool will display the archived copy of the website from the date that you selected in the Previous step.
Finally job is done !!!!


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